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Green Garage

Green Garage in Douglasville, GA

At Douglas County AutoCare, we take pride in being a certified green garage. We encourage motorists in Douglasville, GA , Lithia Springs, GA, Hiram, GA , and surrounding areas to positively impact the environment by going green and recycling their old automotive parts and fluids with us.

Green Garage in Douglasville, GA

Our Green Garage

We learned firsthand that going green isn't only good for the environment, it's smart for business, too. As you can image, operating our 12-bay shop involves a lot of costs. Turning into a green garage helped us and our customers save.

We use:

  • Waste Oil Heaters: Two waste oil heaters keep our shop at a comfortable 70 degrees for only around $15 - $50 per month.
  • Energy-efficient Lights: We've added more light to our service bays to help ensure our technicians never miss a thing during repairs while also cutting our energy consumption by almost 56 percent.

We encourage all NAPA AutoCare centers to make the change to green. The NAPA GreenCare program helps shops like our own become more efficient and environmentally friendly. The long term savings also means we're able to offer our customers better deals and prices on services.

Continue reading to learn how you can support our green initiative by with your old vehicle parts.

What Can I Recycle through Douglas County AutoCare?

We recycle the following:

  • Motor Oil & Automotive Fluids
  • Dirty Oil Filters
  • Old & Used Tires
  • Antifreeze

Any item that cannot be recycled is properly disposed at our service center. Before you discard your old tires in a rubbish heap or exchange your dirty motor oil for new oil, contact us at (770) 942-5533 or visit during our hours of operation.

How Much of My Car or Truck is Recyclable?

While it ultimately depends on the type of vehicle you are driving, most modern vehicles are at least 85% recyclable. In fact, some automotive manufacturers hope to reach 90% in the near future.

Because the technology exists to reuse and repurpose so many parts in an automobile, you have the potential to impact the environment in a positive way by going green at our repair shop. As we continue to grow, we're looking forward to offering you even more automotive recycling services in the future.

How are Different Automotive Parts Recycled?

Green Repair Shop in Lithia Springs, GA

Here are some of the ways we recycle auto parts and products:

  • Automotive Fluids into Heat: Your vehicle’s old oil and other automotive fluids can be used to provide heat in our shop.
  • Anti-Freeze into Anti-Freeze: We send antifreeze to special recycling plants that break the fluid down into its original components. Once broken, the elements are turned into antifreeze again to help another vehicle run.
  • Tires into Retread Tires & Material: If your used tires aren’t too worn, they can be retreaded and used by another motorist. If your tires are completely finished, they can be sent to a recycling plant and turned into road material, building material, or even tire art.

Don't burn your tires or casually discard your old oil. Help us create a healthy, sustainable environment when you bring your auto parts to our service center.

Go Green with Douglas County AutoCare

Bring us your old, worn, broken, and malfunctioning filters, tires, and fluids. We’ll recycle them to reduce waste and create a better environment for future generations. If you have any questions not answered on this page, contact us today. We're happy to talk with you, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve your green auto repair needs.

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